Crosslite Girls School Shoes

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Just like Crocs, but for school! These school shoes are manufactured from Crosslite, the same material that Crocs are made of. Very light and waterproof, they are almost identical to leather school shoes and can also be polished if needed.

During our testing, we found them to be very comfortable. They hug the foot and it won't slip out. The fact that they are molded as a single unit means that they have no internal seams that can be bothersome.

They are relative large for their size, but the straps of the girls' shoes are not adjustable (it only looks adjustable) and can stretch a little bit. So we would recommend that you rather choose a size that is not too small.

At the moment we only have sizes 5 and 6 in the shop to try on - we will get more sizes over the next few weeks. Online orders will be delivered before the new school term starts.

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