Wedge Balance Cushion

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It’s no ordinary seat cushion! The wedge gently tilts the hips, pelvis and spine forward to place kids in a more active seating position. With an improved seating posture, kids are now ready to learn and can focus for longer periods of time. 

Small: 250mm (W) x 260mm (L) 
Large: 340mm (W) x 340mm (L)


  • Encourages active seating posture 
  • Supports children with sensory processing, gross motor delays and ADHD 

How to use:

  • The cushions are pre-inflated to create the ideal pressure and level of stability 
  • Sit on the cushion during circle time, seatwork or mealtime to encourage quiet movement 
  • Use during test-taking and homework time to sharpen focus

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