Lay-by Terms and Conditions

Autism Resources South Africa Lay-By Terms and Conditions:

Lay-By Agreement:
a) By selecting the Lay-By option when checking out on the Autism Resources South Africa website, you enter into a lay-by agreement for the reservation of goods.
b) The Lay-By facility allows you to choose specific goods that you wish to reserve.
c) Payment for the goods will be made over a specified period of time.
d) Autism Resources South Africa will hold onto the reserved goods until full payment is received.

Deposit and Payment:
a) To ensure reservation of goods as part of a Lay-By, you must pay a deposit on the full value of your Lay-By order (including any shipping fees) as calculated during check out on the Autism Resources South Africa website.
b) The deposit amount will be a 20% of the total value of the order.
c) Subsequent payments must be made according to the agreed-upon payment schedule.
d) You have the option to make additional payments more frequently if desired.

Lay-By Duration:
a) The maximum duration of the Lay-By period is three months.
b) The Lay-By period cannot be extended beyond the specified duration.

Termination and Penalties:
a) If you decide to terminate the Lay-By agreement before making full payment for the goods, Autism Resources South Africa reserves the right to charge a termination penalty.
b) The termination penalty amount will be specified on the Autism Resources South Africa website.
c) Failure to make full payment within the specified time frame may result in a termination penalty.
d) No termination penalty will be charged if the failure to complete payment is due to hospitalization or death. Relevant documentation, such as medical records or death certificates, may be required.
e) Autism Resources South Africa will provide notice of Lay-By cancellation via the e-mail address provided by you during the Lay-By process.
f) Refunds, after deduction of any applicable termination penalties, will be issued where applicable.

Goods Release:
a) The reserved goods will not be released to you until full payment, including any applicable termination penalties, is received by Autism Resources South Africa.

Address and Communication:
a) The address provided by you during the Lay-By process will be used as the primary address for delivery(if applicable), communication and correspondence.
b) If you need to change the address, you must notify Autism Resources South Africa, and it may take a few days for the change to be processed.

a) Autism Resources South Africa reserves the right to amend the Lay-By terms and conditions at any time.
b) Any amendments will be effective immediately upon publication on the Autism Resources South Africa website.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
a) Personal information provided by you during the Lay-By process will be treated in accordance with Autism Resources South Africa's privacy policy.
b) Your personal information will only be retained for as long as necessary or as required by law.
c) Autism Resources South Africa may use your contact information to provide updates, promotions, or information about related products and services, unless you explicitly opt out.

Legal Jurisdiction:
a) By entering into the Lay-By agreement, you consent to any legal proceedings related to the agreement or your account being conducted in the appropriate courts of South Africa.

a) Any failure by Autism Resources South Africa to enforce or implement any rights or provisions of the Lay-By agreement does not constitute a waiver of those rights or provisions.

Age Requirement:
a) Customers entering into a Lay-By agreement must be at least 18 years old.

Governing Law:
a) The Lay-By agreement and its terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa.

By proceeding with a Lay-By on the Autism Resources South Africa website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Lay-By Terms and Conditions.