Adventure Series for Girls

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These abridged books are all suitable for children of all ages and contain some of the most timeless adventure stories for girls. They include:

Heidi (Johanna Spyri): It is the moving story of a little Swiss girl's devotion to her simple mountain home in the Alps. When Heidi has to leave for the unfamiliar, sophisticated surroundings of Frankfurt where she is to become the companion of Clara, the children become great friends.
However, Heidi misses her mountain home and longs to return to the people who love her - Grandfather, Peter the goatherd, and Peter's grandmother.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass (Lewis Carrol): For well over a century now, children have laughed at the amazing adventures of Alice and marveled at the array of odd characters she meets in a magical world where time does not matter. This book is full of wonderment and nonsense which will always amuse children and the young at heart.

Black Beauty (Anna Sewell): This exciting and moving tale is the story of a horse: a proud, brave and noble animal who has many exciting adventures. In his own voice he tells his own story - of his experiences with his numerous owners, the injustices, the hardships and the eventual happiness he finds.

The Water Babies (Charles Kingsley): Tom, a mistreated young chimney sweep finds himself transported into a fantastic underwater world where he becomes a water baby. Tom befriends the caddis fly, the salmon and other underwater creatures, and Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby and Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid help to teach him about right and wrong. A vivid and exciting story with a positive message.

The Secret Garden(Francis Hodgson Burnett):Mary Lennox feels forlorn and lonely in her uncle's gloomy house on the moors. But behind an old ivy-covered wall is a garden, waiting to be discovered.

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