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Grumpy Bear (1 kg or 2 kg) - Autism Resources South Africa

Grumpy Bear

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We really struggled to find any weighted teddy's or stuffed animals that we could import at a reasonable cost, simply due to their weight. There are a few local specialist shops that sell them, but their ranges are very limited.

So the answer was to make them ourselves, resulting in our first own product. Granted, we had to buy a good number of stuffed animals before we found ones with a good weight distribution. And after some measurements, we decided to fill them with glass beads instead of polly pellets to retain their outer softness.

Then it was time to test them. The teachers at iLearn Developmental Centre were kind enough to give them a try and were rather impressed with the impact they had on the kids - reducing fidgeting, calming them down and helping them to focus.

Based on their feedback, 2 kg is a good weight for the older kids, while 1 kg is ideal for the kids up to Grade 1 / Grade 2.

Weight: 1 kg or 2 kg
Lenght: 50 cm