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ORB Odditeez Extreme Beadiballz - Autism Resources South Africa

ORB Odditeez Extreme Beadiballz

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When we brought the first samples of these home, Princess Malaika Rose was very excited. That quickly turned to disappointment when she heard that she cannot have one - and saying no to a child with PDA is normally quite a long, emotional process.

But we were very proud of her when she accepted the no and immediately started to make her own beadiball using some of her water beads and an over-sized balloon. And, of course, the balloon decided to burst just as she tied the knot. Complete chaos ensued and she blamed herself for making a mess everywhere.

The young Padawan came to the rescue and in an attempt to make his little sister feel better, tried his best to break the sample Beadiballz by throwing it on the paving, then the driveway, and even as hard a he could against the facebrick walls. We stopped him when he went to fetch the ladder so that he could climb on the roof.

The conclusion of this extensive product test is that we have not been able to break one yet. They are indeed as large as advertised and the only negative is that they feel somewhat sticky. 

The Extreme Beadiballz is large, very large - to be honest, too large for our 9 year old. When they called it the Extreme Beadiballz, they meant it. This thing is the size of those small watermelons Woollies sells.

We only have one available and to colour is very aptly called "Sparkle Ribbon Pink"


  • The official dimensions are 30 cm x 12 cm x 28 cm and in this case it’s pretty accurate
  • Its weighs 1.8 kg. Yes, 1.8 kg!