Putty Creatures

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Thinking putty is a great way for children to regulate and manage anxiety in a non disruptive manner. Due to the number of muscles in the hands, fidgeting can be a very efficient way of of regulating the entire body, leading to better focus, calming, attention and active listening.

This is a polymer putty(non-organic), which means that, unlike home-made slime, it will not create a mess on your carpets and couches. It can be removed quite easily and last longer as well.

Putty is perfect for the fingers of creative thinkers. The putty can be pulled, stretched and bounced to provide hours of fun. On top of that, it is designed to never dry out in the tin, allowing you to use it multiple times.

Available in Magnetic Putty, Glow in the Dark Putty, Heat Sensitive Putty