Collection: Gydien Therapy

Meet Thaaniyah from Gydien Therapy!

She is a dreamer, always thinking big and wide. With a passion for helping others, she found her purpose as a Speech Therapist. However, after working in the field for only 3 years, she felt stifled by the traditional approach and the lack of focus on the individual and their families.

With a New approach driven by the desire to make a real difference, she decided to start her own practice. Her vision is to provide patient and family-centered intervention with a strong emphasis on empowering them through education. She believes in creating a safe space where everyone can be heard and have a voice.

The hustle of starting her own practice has been challenging, but she is determined to make it work. Despite the difficulties, her love for her work and the motivation to create a positive impact keeps her going.

Her ultimate goal is to empower not only the patients and their families but also fellow clinicians. She envisions a community where everyone can grow, adapt, and dream together.

Welcome to her page, where its all about making a difference and empowering those in need.