Collection: Peter + Piper

I am a first-time and new mommy to the most beautiful big-eyed boy with the longest lashes ever.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had an immense love for all things pretty and aesthetically pleasing, whether it be breathtaking architecture, trendy fashion, interior or art and everything in between.

Peter + Piper along with my other business, Behind The Face Make-Up Artistry, are two things (besides my son, my husband and two dogs – who I also regard as my children) that not only bring me immense joy but also keep me going.
What started as a search for a Christmas beanie for a newborn quickly avalanched into something I truly feel passionate about, and that excites me.

Peter + Piper aims to serve our clients with the highest quality, curated homegrown items aiding job creation.
All our items are carefully sourced and handpicked to add to your little sprout’s world in the most positive way.

We truly hope that all our items will bring you as much joy as we have in serving them to you.

Peter & Piper