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Thandi Hartmann founded Blushproof® in 2020. She came across something called Period Panties and knew she just had to try them. She was sick of uncomfortable pads and tampons that wedge and stick and smell bad and so decided to buy her first pair. These were imported at quite a hefty price but so worth it! Realising this was something her fellow South Africans should have access to (but at a much more affordable price-tag) she went on to better understand the fabrics, how they were made, the designs and sizes, what worked, what didn’t work ~ until she had created her own range, made in South Africa for South Africans. Although the rest of the world has made huge steps towards managing menstruation in a more sustainable way, South Africa is still a little bit behind (but slowly catching up). One of her favourite styles is the Bamboo Shortie, specifically designed to be soft and seam-free, whilst still being able to asborb periods and other leaks. With so many people being sensitive to fabrics and how they fit and feel, she wanted to design a style that would make managing menstruation easy for those with sensitivities and disabilities. As the company grows from strength to strength, she’s excited about how much “perioding” sustainably is changing peoples lives (as well as reducing the waist in the landfills!)

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