Weighted Products

We have tried out many of the different weighted blankets one can find in South Africa and none of them were really "right." Some too warm, some too scratchy, some didn't feel the way they were supposed to.

So we decided to create our own range of weighted blankets - designed and tested by people on the Autism Spectrum for people on the Autism Spectrum!

They are available in standard sizes, but the weight and colour can easily be adjusted for your specific need. They are manufactured on order, so you can expect to wait about 10 days for a custom made blanket.

We do have some standard ones in stock, so if you urgently need one, feel free to ask what we have available.

Please also read our guide to weighted blankets when order one.

We regrettably have a no return policy due to COVID 19. Please make sure of thre right weight and size for you, if unsure feel free to email us at info@autismresources.co.za