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Sensory Bed Sheet

Sensory Bed Sheet

Manufactured by Autism Resources South Africa

Shipped in approximately 40 to 50 days.

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Please note: This item is not available in store at the moment as they are made on order. The sensory bed sheet currently has a lead time of 40 - 50 business days to manufacture which includes collections.

We started by buying some of the sensory bed sheets available out there and asked the kids to test them - and like we tend to do at Autism Resources, started improving on the design. 

Sensory bed sheets can be helpful, similar to weighted products, by providing deep pressure while laying down to help the overstimulated nervous system to 'calm down, ready for sleep. Children draw an increased sense of security and belonging from the sensation of affectionate physical contact. It makes them feel safe. That is why sensory compression bed sheets were designed - to help put children in an ideal state of mind to fall into a restful night's sleep.

An effective tool to calm a sensory-seeking or anxious child, very helpful for children who find bedtime difficult or to provide the environment for the child to gain the sensory input that they are craving through resistance as the child crawls underneath, stretching the bed sheet with their body, arms, and legs in all different directions. 

The combination of Nylon and Lycra gives a breathable, stretchy, and constrictive comfort designed to aid the best night's sleep possible. The fabric is naturally soft to the touch. 

If bedtime is a struggle, try a stretchy compression sheet for a deep pressure touch and soothing sensory input.

Based on the kids' feedback, our sensory bed sheets are:

  • Longer, to make sure that there is enough space
  • Closed at the bottom, allowing more sensory play with your feet
  • Manufactured from a brushed lycra, instead of a smooth lycra, so that the duvet does not slide off that easily
  • With a thicker top seam to avoid it from cutting into the chest (also creating a great hiding place for a cell phone, according to the young padawan)

Colour: Blue with a colorful top seam.

Please note: Blue color may vary depending on the fabric available

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A great find!

My son really loves his bedsheet. He doesn't like a weighted blanket because he finds them too warm and too heavy. He says this bedsheet is cozy and just right. It has definitely improved bed times for us!

Ronel Peacock
Happy mother

I am pleased with my purchase of the sensory bed sheets for my 2 boys, 8 and 10 years old. Good for relaxing them before sleep time. And they would go and snuggle up in their sheets when they feel overwhelmed even during the day for a few minutes of self regulation.
Their sleep have definitely improved, especially as their "blanket" can no longer fall off the bed and cause them to wake up!

Suné Van Aardt
Very happy with this product

I love this sheet. The texture is very nice and the pressure is helping my sleep a lot. The seam at the feet end can feel a little distracting if I lie down too low on the bed. My main point though is that I would love if this sheet came with a fitted sheet of a similar material or even if it could have a layer above and below a person, as, though the sensory sheet is really nice and smooth over the top of my body, it is causing my normal cotton fitted bed sheets to wrinkle up a bit more than usual, which is also slightly harder to correct without removing the whole sensory sheet. If a fitted sheet of a similar material was available, that stretched over the bed and didn't rinkle, I would absolutely also invest in that.
Overall I am really happy with the purchase and I would love if the sheet were also available in a lighter shade of blue.
The quality is very good and it has even been withstanding my cat's nails very well.

Joandri van Zyl
Amazing product

It is working very well for my son and daughter, helps them calm down and helps them sleep better

Menina Currin
Great product

My son loves his sensory bed sheet! Wonderful item.