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Support Crochet Plushies

Support Crochet Plushies

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Cuddle up with Anya's Crochet Plushies!

These adorable plushies are perfect for a supportive hug when you need it. Enjoy the comfort of a cozy companion that's always there for you! Their cozy embrace will bring joy and calm to your day. Not only will cuddles help boost your mood, but they'll also be a comforting reminder that no matter what you're going through, you'll make it through!

Made of Alize Velluto Plush Yarn

  • Chunky Panda: A big, round, soft panda bear! - W 25cm, L 30cm
  • Turtle: A cute and colorful sea turtle. - W 27cm, L 25cm 
  • Jellyfish: A jellyfish with such playful and curly tentacles. - W 10cm, L 24cm (Feel free to let us know which color Jellyfish you would like and then we can check if its available)
  • Little Bee: Who doesn't like a bee, they're so cute with their fat little body! - W 11cm, L 15cm 
  • Ducky: These duckies have little hats on that just makes them so much more adorable! - W 17cm, L 29cm 
  • Witchy mushroom: It's a little mushroom with a witch hat on, spooky! - W 15cm, L 15cm 
  • Pumpkin Pie Kitty: What's cuter than a little kitty that got into your pumpkin pie you baked! - W 20cm, L 20cm 
  • Bunny: This little bunny has a cute hat on. - W 20cm, L 18cm 
  • Leggy Froggies: A froggy with stretchy arms and legs! - W 6cm, L 13cm 
  • Squishy frog: A tiny, squishy frog to squeeze like a stress ball! W 10cm, L 11cm
  • Mini mushroom: A mini mushroom, so cute and squishy! W 15cm, L 11cm 
  • Pikachu: W 20cm, L 15cm
  • Axolotl: W 11cm, L 20cm 

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