The Lily Ginsberg School for Special Needs


A special little school can be found In the leafy Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. At the Lily Ginsberg School for Special needs, kids are taught how to best learn, and talents are being nurtured. The schools’ area of focus for children with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) who need special input and attention. Activities include functional life skills such as cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, music and movement and functional academics. LGS is safe place for children to be themselves and be accepted while being prepared for a life of dignity and purpose.


he LGS was founded in 2019 after a long and extensive search for an appropriate learning environment for our intellectually disabled daughter Lily. She has a rare genetic disorder (Williams Syndrome). After being turned away from numerous schools, we realised Lily required something different from what was available. She needed an environment where she felt safe, secure, where she could connect with new friends and grow within a little community. The realization dawned on us that she needed a specialised school, and hence the Lily Ginsberg School was started…

We decided our area of focus for the school would be for children with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) that have challenges in coping within the mainstream curriculum but do indeed have the ability to learn and grow. 

We envisaged a school teaching Life Skills, Applied Academics, Pre-vocational training and progressing forward, as per each child’s development and progress, at their own pace. 

Various options were researched for the appropriate material and curriculum/s. As a result, we developed a unique and amazing program. The LGS curriculum is a combination of various elements from Montessori, Asdan International and D-Caps. After numerous visits, the DOBE (Department of Basic Education) and various Specialists, our curriculum was approved.

After months of dedication towards the noteworthy cause, we found a suitable location in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. The LGS opening day was a huge success… Watching the children start to blossom, making new friends in a peaceful and tranquil environment specifically based on their needs. It was well worth the effort.


Specialized Teachers and Therapists executing and delivering on a well-structured thought through learning plan, and form part of a dynamic approach to deliver happy and fulfilled individuals. Ensuring a balanced day with logical solutions, for both parent and pupil.

Ensuring each child/pupil a dignified, meaningful experience and life; living within their strengths.

Nurturing environmental areas:

  • Two classrooms
  • Sensory room/ library
  • Rest area
  • Therapy room
  • Exercise facilities/ outside play area, including focused exercise, roleplay, hobby development, dance and movement.
  • Outside classroom
  • Organic vegetable garden
  • Dining area
  • Cooking and baking area

 083 409 2301