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Curaprox CS Kids Toothpaste - Strawberry

Curaprox CS Kids Toothpaste - Strawberry

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Children's toothpaste with fresh and fruity strawberry flavor

Sweet strawberry: this toothpaste is as delicious as a summer dessert, with a fluoride content that provides milk teeth with reliable, lasting protection against acidic foods and tooth decay. It has a fluoride content of just 950 ppm, making it ideal for very young children (ages two and up).

Kids will soon realize brushing their teeth isn’t as bad as they thought: the fresh, fruity flavor turns your little ones’ daily dose of dental hygiene into a welcome time-out. In fact, any aversion to brushing their teeth will disappear quicker than a scoop of strawberry ice cream left out in the sun. 

This toothpaste contains no harmful ingredients such as SLS, triclosan, or microplastics. For most tubes of toothpaste, the list of ingredients is full of strange words. Not this one. What’s in it? Only good stuff. Fluoride, for example, strengthens teeth. This one has a content of 950 ppm, making it ideal for children aged two years and up. Enzymes are another ingredient. They support the saliva’s natural protective role so that it can work on remineralizing the enamel of the teeth. It also contains sorbitol, which prevents the toothpaste from drying out. Then there’s a dash of xylitol (AKA birch sugar), which protects against bacteria and also strengthens the teeth. We hope your kids have a berry good time brushing their teeth!

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