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No Tie Shoelaces

No Tie Shoelaces

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These no-tie shoelaces are soft and supple, with just enough stretch and they aren't shiny - we don't do shiny in our house. 

They are ideal for children with sensory issues, Autism, ADHD and Asperger's. No need to worry about tying your shoes again and they are indistinguishable from normal laces.


  • No More Tying Shoelaces: Perfect for children or anyone who battles to tie shoelaces.
  • Comfortable When You Walk: The durable silicone provides enough elasticity to allow for comfort and support.
  • Express Your Unique Style: Colours to match every shoe in your cupboard.
  • No Tightening: The elastic silicone material allows for flexibility. Perfect for running, walking, fitness and so many more occasions.
  • Easy to Slip Shoes On And Off
  • Waterproof: The silicone material is durable and sustainable in any weather condition.
  • Easy Cleaning: Hassle-free and easy maintenance.
  • No Tripping: No more worrying about tying your shoelaces tight enough.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product

These are amazing. We bought some for our son's school shoes and it works so well. Yes, it is a little hard to get into the shoe, but once it is in, it is so worth it! Even though it says that is is for adult shoes, they give you so many laces that I was able to just use the smallest ones for his shoes and they fit perfectly.

Tracey-Lee Faltein
No tie shoelaces, not user friendly

very difficult to put in the shoe, hurt my fingers a little, and to remove it i had to to cut it out, total waste of my money

Terry Barnardo

Doesn’t fit the holes in my daughter’s shoes. Doesn’t fit any of our shoes.

Lize Luyt
Adults only

It does not state that the shoelaces are for adults. Thanks for nothing

Farahnaz Davids
No tie shoelaces

Totally son with autism cannot tie his own shoelaces yet and these have come in so handy.a genius invention!