Hanging Teepee Chair (80 cm)

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The 80 cm teepee chair is our own, improved version of the hanging pod chair. Manufactured from a softer, but stronger canvas or denim, with a choice of cushion to personalize the hanging chair.

Unlike the store-bought pod chairs, our chairs do not have an inflatable cushion - during testing the kids didn't like the idea of the inflatable cushion very much. So, we redesigned them with a rigid base from MDF and a comfortable, soft cushion. The base can be removed easily when washing the chair.

This version is 80 cm in diameter, suitable for an older child or a teen, while the smaller 60 cm version is ideal for a toddler or smaller child.

They are made on demand and created based on your choice of colours, with several options to choose from.

With the hanging teepee chair you will receive :

  • A wall or ceiling bolt
  • 2 caribiners
  • An extension rope, if needed

Please Note: Not for outside use, inside use only.