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Locking Laces elastic shoe laces

Locking Laces elastic shoe laces

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Locking Laces are elastic shoelaces with an anchor, making it easy to adjust your shoelaces to the perfect length that will work for you.

How do they work?

  • Simply thread the laces through your shoes (it work best if you do this while wearing them).
  • Insert the anchors into the ends of the laces and make a knot in each lace end to secure them.
  • Cut off the redundant remainder of each lace end.
  • Connect the anchors by screwing them into each other.


  • No More Tying Shoelaces: Perfect for children or anyone who battles to tie shoelaces.
  • Comfortable When You Walk: The durable silicone provides enough elasticity to allow for comfort and support.
  • Express Your Unique Style: Colours to match every shoe in your cupboard.
  • Set them at the perfect tightness.
  • Easy to Slip Shoes On And Off
  • No Tripping: No more worrying about tying your shoelaces tight enough.

Each pack contains:

  • 2 elastic shoelaces (100 cm)
  • 4 Screw in anchors to connect the shoelaces.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very good product

These are great - they are elsatic so even without the metalic lock they are much less likely to come undone during the day. They've really helped my son a lot

Bronwen du Plessis
Elastic shoe laces

I love the idea but my son loves a super tight lace and I just can't get them tight enough. so it is our issue not the laces fault.

Locking Laces

Amazing laces, my son loves how easy it is for him to tie his laces without the complications of looping and getting frustrated.

Rhaine Anderson