PAYJUST NOW is an innovative way to pay for you order in three interest free installments.

It has always been our goal at Autism Resources South Africa to make the products we sell accessible to everyone, rather than to make profit. We are always looking for ways to make it more affordable for you. That is why we have decided to partner with PAYJUSTNOW, a new, innovative way to pay for online orders in three interest free installments.

Our products range is expanding to include more expensive items, such as weighted blankets, our soon-to-be launched pod chairs and even the range of specialist exercise equipment we plan to sell shortly . PAYJUSTNOW makes it easier to afford those items.

It is relatively simple - when you place an order and select PAYJUSTNOW as payment method, you will only be required to pay one third of the order total. The two remaining installments are automatically deducted at the end of the next two months.

Since i work in the credit industry in my "day job" I was very critical of them at first and went through all their contracts and fine print to make sure that you, as our customer, are protected. They were rather taken aback by my first e-mail with about 40 questions, making sure they are in line with the National Credit Act.

The reality is, it is completely interest-free to you and will cost you no additional charges. As long as the remaining two debit orders are successful. The moment you don't make a payment, you start accruing interest and have to pay late payment penalty fees. But this happens very seldom. They make their money by charging us, Autism Resources South Africa, a fee every time you use their service. And we're fine with that - as long as we can make our products affordable for you.