ARK's Brick Stick™ Chewable Pencil Toppers

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In response to all the chew Ninja's out there we have added the ARK Therapeutic XXT chewables to our range - This is the toughest level.  It still has some “chewability” to it, but it’s fairly rigid / pretty firm.  No chew tool is indestructible, but this is usually the longest lasting level for avid chewers. 
  • Large bumps on the front, small bumps on the back for varied sensory input
  • Each topper measures about 6.2 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, and 1.4 cm thick
  • Comes with an eraser-less pencil

 From ARK:

triangle.jpeg Caution: This product is not a toy. Recommended for children 6-7 years and up (the age that children typically start using a standard pencil).  Although these chew tools are sturdy and durable, no chew tool is indestructible.  Wear/tear may be expected given the nature of the intended use.  How long they last is typically equal to the amount and intensity of the chewing, as well as other variables (such as jaw strength, stress/anxiety levels, if other sensory strategies are in place, etc.).  While for some people a chew tool will last forever, for others with heavy/aggressive oral needs, they may go through it very quickly.  Please supervise at all times, regularly inspect the chew, and replace if necessary if the item shows signs of wear and tear.