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Spiky DNA Ball

Spiky DNA Ball

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A super satisfying squeeze ball. Very different from our regular squeezy balls, they contain small rubber balls instead of a liquid or water beads. So, a new sensory experience.


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Customer Reviews

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Letie Vazquez

Nice quality

Louise Viljoen
Spiky DNA Ball

Too small and texture not very firm. Lovely concept but the size can be increased

P. Sanyamahwe

Spiky DNA Ball


Good quality and keeps the hand busy.

Autistic engineer: loves testing new toys
This lasts and lasts

I've been playing with this with my left hand for a few days now, while typing with my right. I enjoy the texture of the outside as well as how the balls inside slip through my hand. And the stretchability of this. I played with a few cheaper stress balls from other shops for only a few hours before they started leaking. But this remains flexible and intact.

I found the outside a bit sticky originally so i powdered it (which makes colour milky but work to fix the stick). And i must admit that i dont like the smell, it makes me think of turpentine or some other petrolchemical cleaning solvent. And i suspect whatever is in there dries my hands a bit.

But i think i am developing muscles in my left hand that i never had...and i keep playing

And i'll be back for more balls as gifts