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Fidget Pad

Fidget Pad

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The Fidget Pad is the perfect way to stave off boredom - your hands will be occupied for hours! Super quiet and discreet enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it features eight distinct buttons for clicking and twirling.

  • Flexible rocker
  • 2 click buttons
  • 2 silent buttons
  • Click switch
  • Smooth spin
  • Massage roller
  • Rolling gear
  • Elastic pan button

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Nice, not silent though

    This toy has enough different things that there’s something for everyone, so it’s good if you’re like me and not sure what you’ll actually like especially when you’re buying online. It doesn’t seem very hardy though (the back and front pieces were a few mm apart when I got it and I had to click them back together) and it makes a lot of noise. Only the spinning circle is quiet, other parts can be quieter if you press them carefully but that’s not very satisfying. The 4 d-pad buttons are loud no matter what. The size is good (small), can be used with one hand or two.

    Nadia SMITH
    Fidgeting is great

    I absolutely love bith products, helps alot to settle down a bit! Would support Autism Resources ANYTIME, but, will definitely not make use of internet express again, would rather pay for my own couriers.

    Favourite fidget toy

    Of all the fidget toys that my son has, the fidget pad is by far my son's favourite. Not only does he love pretending to play tv games with it, but he finds surity and calmness by just holding it in his hand, or letting his fingers find buttons that provided the feedback his body requires.

    Brigitte Schmidt
    Very effective

    Great for keeping hands busy

    My sis is obsessed

    My little sister is obsessed with this fidget toy. She sadly lost it when we were moving our brother so I got her another one. She was so ecstatic when it arrived and it has barely left her sight since.