MP3 player (pre-loaded with relaxing sounds)

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These MP3 players are a bit bigger, with a colour screen and the quality is also much better.

They have a built-in FM radio and technically, these can play video as well, but it is required to be in .AMW format, but if you can get videos converted to that format, well done!

Also, don't confuse this player with an iPod - it might look like one from a distance, if you are staring into the sun and are not wearing your glasses, etc, etc. 

They are plastic, without their own memory (a micro-SD card is preloaded with about an hour of relaxing sounds) and the earphones aren't the best.

OK, so now you've been given all the warnings and disclaimers - they are still awesome at the price and if they are accidentally lost or dropped in the bath, it won't be that bad.

The battery also lasts a few days, so they don't have to be recharged that often. And, you also have the choice to load your own music on the micro-SD card.

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